Hello: Shiny Pear

We are a visual development, original IP and character animation studio.

We create character and story driven content for broadcast (TV, film and web), interactive (games/advergames, events, theme parks) and emerging media (AR, VR, MR.)

We specialize in designing 2D and 3D characters and bringing them to life across platforms, building original IP that delights audiences world-wide and working with networks and agencies to extend brand narratives in new, engaging ways.

We’ve worked with PBSKids, Marvel and Disney, refreshed and redesigned characters for Hostess, Bumble Bee Tuna and DreamWorks, and created characters for Fisher-Price, Discovery Channel and Toyota.

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DreamWorks Artist

Visual development, character animation

Working with the DreamWorks character team, we designed a ‘Hanna Barbera-esque’ Po (from the Kung-fu Panda franchise) to work alongside Peabody (of Peabody and Sherman) and brought the duo to life with a whole series of visual gags, idles and prompts.

The pair MC’d the DreamWorks Artist mobile platform, introducing filmed footage of real DreamWorks Artists drawing their favorite characters and props, and encouraging young artists to keep ‘drawing and dreaming’ every step of the way.

Agency: Bully Entertainment

Stunt Frog

Original IP

Elmer Boxwood was born fearless.  But he was so traumatized by his parent’s obsession with danger that he became frightened of everything. In fact, he began wearing knee pads and a helmet – just in case.  Gloria, the frog of his dreams, took notice of him one day and assumed he was a daredevil and fell in love. Elmer, smitten with Gloria, did not want to disappoint and so became ‘Stunt Frog.’

Impressed with his bravery, Gloria signs Elmer with a Stunt Promoter Elephant who is secretly in love with Gloria and plots to get rid of Elmer by signing him up for increasingly dangerous stunts.   Every episode is a new stunt that miraculously Stunt Frog survives.

Created by James Proimos and Carlson Bull

22 eps x 2 min – Rep’d by Brenda (at) KidGlove.tv

Rosetta Stone

Visual development, character animation

Rosetta Stone was looking for a new way to liven up their holiday language learning promotions.   The Shelf Talk campaign, where toys from different cultures – all speaking different languages but trying to communicate with one another – was born.

The result was a series of animated spots for broadcast and web and print elements featuring a Godzilla(-esque) monster from Japan, Russian Stacking Dolls and a German nutcracker.

Agency: Bully! Entertainment


Visual development, character animation

In the book and Netflix series, created by pro football player Trevor Pryce, it’s Frogs vs Scorpions in a battle for the Amphibilands.

Building from illustrations and book art, we created 3D versions of the characters and designed, directed and animated a teaser for the franchise. Developed for cinema pre-rolls, the vignette introduced movie-goers to the main conflict between frogs and scorpions and revealed another set of characters central to the story: the mercenary army of lizards led by Captain Killara.

Agency: Bully Entertainment

The Smithsonians

Original IP

Pete’s uncle has disappeared, this time it seems for good.  Pete’s parents need to clean out his Uncle’s house in the country to sell it, so instead of a summer vacation, Pete is enlisted to help. To keep him out of trouble though, his mother lets him invite his best friends Alison and Brian.

They find the house abandoned but chock full of artifacts from every corner of the earth and from every age. Things start to get weird though when the kids find mysterious journals, each containing first person accounts of historical events, all written in the same hand.

Things get even weirder when the kids are pulled through the pages of the journal and find themselves in the center of a historical dramas – in Tutankhamen’s court, in Amelia Earhart’s hanger or on a frozen tundra facing an angry Wholly Mammoth.

Created by Carlson Bull and Oleg Condrea

12 eps x 11 min, AR/VR companion app, companion book series  – Rep’d by Brenda (at) KidGlove.tv

Hostess Hoops

Visual development, character animation

As part of an Augmented Reality, flick-to-shoot basketball game created to promote the full suite of Hostess products, an upcoming DreamWorks Penguins of Madagascar DVD Release AND a tie-in to March Madness (phew!) – we were commissioned to bring Twinkie the Kid into the 21st Century.

For the make-over we pulled from historical imagery, gave a nod to the current brand character and added a pair of high-tops for the game. We then built him out in 3D and in a way that worked for the real-time mobile game animation as well as high-res packaging art.

As an extra bonus, we also created and animated a series of basketball stunts for each of the Penguins, ranging freezing clocks to halt time to rocket propelled dunks.

Agency: Bully Entertainment, Spark Alliance Marketing

United States Mint

Visual development

Designed to appeal to kids as well as their parents and grandparents who purchase US Mint products, the new ‘Mint Kids’ were given appealing backstories and a broad range of nationalities, genders and ethnicities.

From initial concept to 3D modeling to print-ready art, the cast of kid and animal characters were created and delivered as sets of pre-posed imagery libraries to help US Mint products stand out in the market.

Agency: Bully Entertainment, REJ Associates


Shiny Pear is an independent entity that cohabitates with Bully Entertainment, serving as its character design and character animation muscle.  We are always looking for great people to work with – partners, producers, character designers and animators. Stop by, drop us a line, or be social and connect:


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